Friday, January 7, 2011

Trip Recap

Hey everyone, my name is Myles Biggs, I am a junior and one of the Men's Team Captains, this is my third training trip. Previously I have been to the Florida Keys and The Bahamas with the swim team, and I have to say, this Orlando trip has been my favorite. We've been so busy swimming and seeing the sights so, instead of making updates everyday, I decided to do this one recap of everything that went on.

The first night of our trip was Sunday January 2. We began with our traditional set of 50 x 50 yards. After the grueling sets of Pride Phase, it went by much smoother than expected. The pool at the YMCA was awesome as well. We had 22 lanes to ourself for the whole set. After practice we had a team dinner at a Friendly's restaurant on International Blvd.

The next day, Monday Jan. 3, we had practices from 8am-10am and another from 7pm-9pm. We were able to use the many lanes available to focus on technique work and stroke development. During the day between practices we all relaxed and got acquainted with our hotel accomodations. One person from each room went to the grocery store and bought food for the week that we were able to cook in small kitchens provided to us in our rooms. After the morning practice, Jerry gave out the traditional Pineapple and Coconut (given to the swimmers who did the best at practice that day). The Pineapple winner was junior Lindsay Stern and the Coconut went to junior Joe Andrie.

Tuesday Jan. 4 we also had two practices from 8am-10am and 7pm-9pm. Between the practices the whole team agreed to spend the extra money and spend the afternoon at Wet and Wild Waterpark located nearby. The park was amazing! There were so many fun rides. The group favorite seemed to be the Disco H20 where even Coach Jerry busted a move. Even though we were exhausted for the night session, it was well worth it. The Pineapple winner for the day was freshman Jennie Marosits and the Coconut went to junior Myles Biggs.

Wednesday Jan. 5 was probaly the best day of the week. We only had one practice in the morning and then we spent the whole day at Universal Theme Park. The highlight of the day was the Harry Potter part of the park. For the Harry Potter fans out there, the park sells robes, wands, brooms, chocolate frogs, and even Butterbeer (don't worry parents it was non-alcoholic). After the park, we all got dinner at the City Walk outside of the parks and then collapsed into our beds for practice the next morning. The Pineapple winner was freshman Meredith Ellmore and the Coconut went to freshman Jack Port.

Thursday Jan. 6 we went back to doubles with practice times the same as earlier days and we all pretty much stuck to the rooms after the long day on Wednesday, except for the occasional trips to the hot tub to soak our sore bodies. Since it was the last night, a bunch of the guys went out to the Golden Corral Buffet with Jerry. After practice, we definitely got our monies worth. The Pineapple winner was senior Meg Emery and the Coconut went to freshman Zack Brower.

Today is the last day, Jan 7, and we only had a practice this morning at 8am and of course, Jerry couldn't let us get away without a good T-30 test set. The Pineapple winners were all of the senior girls and the Coconut went to the only senior guy, Joe Kuder.

Everyone has different flights so some people are relaxing by the pool and others are getting last minute shopping done.

All in all, the trip was awesome. It was great team bonding and we were never short of anything to do.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Orlando Update!

A little update from Orlando!  All of the swimmers have arrived safely and have been through two training sessions at the YMCA Aquatic Center which is right next door to our hotel.  We had 22 lanes to our selves last night for our traditional 50X50's first workout.  This morning (8-10am), we shared the pool with Lehigh U. (PA) and Lincoln (IL) for the first hour, then had the full pool again for the second half of the practice.  After practice, a rep from each room went with me (Coach Jerry) to Publix for groceries.  First though, we stopped at a McDonald's Bistro for lunch... I've never seen such good food at a McDonalds.  They have a full bistro menu... chicken enchiladas, cheese steaks, panninis, wraps, pasta, and great looking desserts.  All served on actual plates!  ;-)    After Publix, we took a quick drive up International Drive so someone from each room would know what's around the hotel... there is alot of stuff to do around here!  Now, after their weight lifting session, the swimmers are all out in the bright Florida sunshine resting up for tonight's workout (7-9pm).  We are trying to arrange a trip to Wet'nWild Waterpark for between practices tomorrow, then Universal is after am practice on Wednesday.  Check back later from updates from a swimmer or two!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Swimmers Arrive Today!!!

The reason to be in Orlando with all of this beautiful weather... the Lyco swimmers arrive today!!!  They will be getting here throughout the day from their home airports as this is an "arrange your own travel trip"... which makes things much easier and (tends to be) less expensive. 

Yesterday, the coaches found the grocery store and drove around International Drive.  There is so much going on close to the hotel!  Speaking of... the hotel pool is busy with alot of families here on vacation.  It sounds like today is a big departure day though, so things are supposed to thin out and quiet down over the next week while we are here. 

Our first workout is this evening.  We are going to head over to the pool in a few minutes to check things out.  I'm looking forward to the traditional (1st practice on training trip) team workout tonight.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coaches at Airport

Hello from Harrisburg International Airport!  Coach Lindsay and I (Jerry) are sitting at the gate and waiting for our plane to arrive.  It was a rough morning waking up early (after New Year's Eve) and driving to Harrisburg, but it was a beautiful drive.  I don't think I've ever driven Route 15 South from Williamsport to Harrisburg without seeing another car traveling in our same direction!  This is a great little airport... the long term parking shuttle waited for us and dropped us off right in front of the AirTran check-in counter.  There was no wait at the counter or at security.  It looks to be perfect weather for a nice flight to Orlando today.  The Weather Channel is calling for temps in the mid/high-70's and sunny all week... hoping they'll then be opening the roof at the Aquatic Center for us while we swim!  Keep checking this blog for further updates as someone (coach &/or swimmers) will be updating it all week.  We will also add some pics!  Have a great New Year's Day... enjoy the pork & sauerkraut and the football games! 

Friday, December 31, 2010

Lycoming Swimming's Winter Trip

This year, members of the Lycoming College swim teams will do updates live from Florida on their Winter Training Trip to Orlando, as the men and women prepare for their final three dual meets of the year and hit the stretch run before the Middle Atlantic Conference Championships from Feb. 11-13.

Stay tuned for updates from Jan. 2-7 on the trip! Happy New Year from all of us in the Lycoming swimming program!!!